Paul Trevillion

The Signature Collection

Michael Donald

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“Something like a prophecy of vision and talent being fulfilled. The paintings both awaken and haunt. Bus Stop Nativity, The Day Begins and God and his Dog are indelible. Because of the indivisible ‘fit’ between your methods as a painter and your vision as a seer.
Figures Lost in the Wasteland. This is one of Andrew Gadd‘s paintings. We are not far from Goya, yet we are living today.”

John Berger, Art Critic

“Action painting - or, more broadly speaking, abstract expressionism - is a style of painting which artist Ben Mosley has used to powerful effect to capture the drama of everyday life and the environment around him. Like his predecessors in this genre, Wilem and Elaine de Kooning, Franz Kline and Lee Krasner, Mosley values spontaneity and creates his images by stroking paint
directly on to each canvas in a gestural, dynamic fashion.”

Saatchi Gallery - Art Gallery

“Paul Trevillion’s natural gift in taking the medium of
pen and ink to its limitations and beyond. Paul adds washes of vibrant colour. Nothing is laboured or overworked... not a static photographic rendition, but a free fluid image that not only captures movements, form and mannerisms, but spirit and power... Paul Trevillion is the Pele of Sporting Art.”

Susie Hodge - Art Historian
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