Artist Profiles

We are delighted to announce a whole host of new works by some of Britain's leading artist.

Andrew Gadd

Andrew Gadd is the internationally acclaimed fine artist with works exhibited across the globe from the UK and throughout Europe and America. With a wide stylistic range his talent paints a variety of single figures to crowds of people in what has been described as allegorical, which has not gone unnoticed having had five solo shows at Agnew’s which is one of the world's leading international art galleries, commercial shows in New York and Italy, and group exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery and the Mall Gallery. Not to mention he has permanent exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Royal Academy.


Ben Mosely

Ben Mosley is one of the UK’s leading artists, based in Barnsley, Mosley creates the art of movement within his pieces through cubist and abstract expressionism to capture the passion and energy of his subjects. With his subjects ranging from football crowds, famous faces and landscapes he has painted well known faces such as Ed Sheeran, Michael Phelps and Pele, but especially stands out for his live painting, which has not gone unnoticed and has even been commissioned by leading names such as Wembley Stadium, Manchester United, McDonalds and The London Olympics.


Paul Trevillion 

Paul Trevillion is a globally acclaimed sports artist with a career of over 60 years. His works include Roy of the Rovers, You Are The Ref and his iconic drawing of Pele, he has been commissioned by big names such as Umbro, Budweiser, Hershey and Fuji at the World Cup 1994, all of which gained him the title ‘Master of Movement’. Paul Trevillion is also the only artist in existence to have created an original portrait signed by Sir Winston Churchill. Many of Paul Trevillion’s works are displayed all across the UK in exhibits such as The National Football Museum.


Trevor Neal 

Trevor Neal is one of the UK’s most well known self taught artists working mostly with paint his subjects span from cars to landscapes to nudes and is famously known for his portraits, with a career spanning over 50 years. Trevor Neal has exhibited locally, regionally, nationally and internationally including four times at the Royal Academy London, shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award at the National Gallery London, Major Retrospectives at Renishaw Hall Derbyshire and The Cooper Gallery Barnsley along with 2 exhibitions in St Petersburg, Florida, Art Miami 98 and on the Greek island of Santorini.


Michael Donald

Michael Donald is the multi-award winning, leading contemporary photographer who is the only photographer who has shot contemporary photographs of the Rolling Stones. Having regular commissions for The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Observer, his work is unparalleled. Having exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery he has photographed numerous celebrities with the most striking portraits such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Geoff Hurst, Linford Christie and Tim Burton.



Paul Karslake

Paul Karslake is an award winning artist who was immersed into fine art from a young age, having won his first Country Art Prize aged eight, has shown strong talent for still art. His work has been commissioned by household names such as Disney where he worked on the EuroDisney Project and the Wiggins Group Plc where he was commissioned to create a piece for their South Quay site in London Docklands which gained him The Evening Standard Environmental Award. In the year of 1990, Paul was also elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (F.R.S.A.). Working largely with oil and acrylic on canvas, his artworks capture big names such as Beyonce, who he painted onto a Harley Davidson which was sold at a charity auction and raised £65,000 for charity.


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